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How to get into the club without waiting in line?

Anyone who has been to a popular venue on a busy night might know that anxious feeling of waiting an uncertain amount of time to get in. For our passionate clubbers looking to not deal with any hassles at the door Flawless Agenda is your solution to the VIP Flawless lifestyle.

Order Bottle Service

Buying bottle service is one of few guarantees that you don't have to wait outside. It often includes wristbands that grant your party exclusive access to the VIP area along with your own table and server. This will cost you a pretty penny (a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the destination), but it is well worth it for a big group of friends looking for a quintessential Miami Beach club experience.

Check Your Ratios

To be honest, no one really wants to hang out in a club full of dudes. Therefore, doormen consciously try to make sure to maintain a ratio that favors females. Regardless of your own ambitions, it bodes well to get in line with as many ladies as possible, to keep waiting at a minimum.

Look The Part

It doesn't matter how fast you skip the line if you can't get in at all, and most clubs have strict dress codes. For men, this means wearing a button-down shirt with dress pants or nice jeans, and dark shoes. For women, it's dresses and high heels. If you're wearing a T-shirt with shorts and flip-flops, then expect to get turned away at the door.
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